Linear Bar Grille

  • 30 degree deflection to direct airflow
  • 1/4” thick x 3/4” high bars
  • 1/4” spacing between bars (pencil and heel proof)
  • Fully-welded construction
  • Available in unlimited custom configurations & finishes
  • Available with any frame style
  • Aluminum & bronze
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  • Hinged access doors – custom sizes, types, location and hinging directions & methods
  • Lift out (drop in) access doors
  • Core only linear bar grilles
  • Removable core with mechanical fasteners
  • Loose cores
  • Fixed cores – welded to frame
  • Custom long bar spacing including equal spacing bar-to-bar and bar-to-frame
  • All linear bar grilles can be provided with custom cross bar spacing
  • Custom frame options including custom width and depth flanges
  • With and without mounting tabs for wall grille, toe-kick or ceiling grille applications
  • Custom curved, round, and mitered shapes all available
  • All linear bar grille styles available with Plaster J-Bead® * for seamless installation


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AAG220 Core
The core only option provides the simplest, most basic linear bar presentation. There is no perimeter frame or material around the core. This choice is preferred when a finished location is available for the grille to be positioned in.

AAG220 B Frame
The B style frame is an excellent choice when there is a rough opening with less than precise edges. The flanged frame can conceal any of these imperfections. It is a classic design which can be modified with wider flanges and even beveled edges, for a smooth transition.

AAG 220 A Frame
AAG220 A Frame
The A style frame provides a 1/8” border around the perimeter of the grille with the added benefit of a ½” return at the bottom for support when used in floor applications. The return also provides a location to position concealed mounting holes. The A frame is also a great choice when access doors are required since the frame is sturdy while the door base can rest on the return.

AAG 220 Band Frame
AAG220 Band Frame
The Band frame provides a 1/8” border around the perimeter and is considered a minimalist style. It works well for toe kick, wall and ceiling applications where a subtle frame appearance is desired.

AAG220 Plaster J-Bead Frame
AAG220 Plaster J-Bead® * Frame
The Plaster J-Bead frame is our authentic, patented product that provides ease of installation and a seamless appearance. It is typically used in ceiling and wall applications where a strong, light weight, quick installation product is required. It’s a great choice when a rough opening has been cut and a quick installation is required. Best of all, it can be paired with the sleek lines and contemporary appearance of our full line of AAG linear bar grilles and perforated metal grilles. A key feature is the grilles are removable from the frame and can be fitted with filter and damper attachments if required.

AAG220 C Frame
AAG220 C Frame
The C style frame combines the best features of both the A and B frame. There is a flange to cover an imperfect opening, and a bottom return for added support. The C frame can also be beveled when used for its primary role in floor applications.

linear grille measuring

There are two key dimensions our grille experts will need to help ensure you have the correctly sized grilles for your project.

  • H (Y) is the height of the opening the grille will fit into
  • L (X) is the length of the opening your grille will fit into

The only other detail needed is the frame style you prefer. Please refer to the frame images below.